We are offering varied styles of architecture and design, and immersive cultural experiences delivered by passionate people, our collection is curated for the curious traveler in search of their next discovery.

From rustic fishermen’s huts and woodland treehouses to rainforest retreats, alpine chalets and desert-style ‘dude’ ranches, no two stays are the same in our characterful collection of intimate spaces in unusual places.

It’s people who transform any stay from ‘so-so’ to superb. The award-winning mixologist who’ll show you how to shake (or stir) the perfect martini. The marine biologist helping you deep-dive into an underwater paradise. The chef who will welcome you into the kitchen make fresh pasta, from a recipe passed down in their family for generations. The hotelier who sends hand-written postcards to all their guests. As well our very own travel experts who can tell you exactly where you can go to release baby turtles into the ocean. Every experience is tailor-made by them – for you.